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I love this! Draw a stickman eposide 2 makes you feel as a child again. 


Have Fun! 


On this site you can have a look at the royal waiting rooms of some of the train stations in Netherlands in the past. 

I really try not to look to much at the app market on my smartphone. It is so addicted. But you know I’m a woman I most of us like to shop. So I got two new apps this week.
First up is the app from the ANWB B&B. It is an app that finds B&B’s in the place where you are and the surrounding areas. I tried it and it is superb. It is quick and easy, with the basic info. The only downside I found was that, the ones I found didn’t have much photo’s.

Second app is Androidspeedmeter. It is indeed a speedmeter, but it also keeps track of the distant and average speed you do. It keeps track of the route you take and the stops you make. I use it to keep track of my average speed and routes with my bike. But I know people how use it on their motorcycles to keep track of their routes and send them to their friends.

Do you have a favorit App? Let me know!

I’m Izzy. I’m in my early thirties and I love and adore the Internet, social media, web  2.0. I love to try all the things that are on offer on the net and use them to my advantage. So that is what I’m going to do with this blog. I’m going to take you on my journey.
I will blog about the things I try, use, fail, wonder about, succeed in, favor and so on.

Some of the things I discuss I’m using all ready, but other will be brand new to me.  So fingers crossed that you like my posts.