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I love this! Draw a stickman eposide 2 makes you feel as a child again. 


Have Fun! 


On this site you can have a look at the royal waiting rooms of some of the train stations in Netherlands in the past. 

Mathematics can make you smile:

Thx to: Eric Hennekam for the tip. 

Type “let it snow’ in on Google and just wait. Nice :-).

When I was looking in the Market of my smartphone I came across the app “Today’s document” . It’s is an app from the National Archive in de States and shows one document a day from there collection. I think is really great how they use modern technologie to bring the richness of the archives closser to people.
If you are curious about the document you can even get more information if you just click on it. You can also browse throw the documents that are allready where the document of the day.

I like to use it as a thing to pass time with in the train of when I’m waiting for an appointment. You can stop any time you want, and it is more educational than some games.

So what are you waiting for, start downloading


Cake, hats, song and dance for the birthday boy Google, who became 13 yesterday. I even think that the made a mistake. I really had the impression that Google was much older than that. Google is a gifted teenager, who is a big part of every day life. We eat sleap and drink with Google. It is even become a verb to google.
Google is real treat for other competetors in the business even on now terrains. Google has become more than just a search engine. They do also navigation email, office software and these are winners too.
I’m a fan a big one. So, happy birthday Google. And keep up the good work.


I really love reading. Since I’m travelling a lot lately in the train. I needed some literature. And not to heavy and large so that it fits in my purse. The solution a e-reader on my phone. I found several but liked. Aldiko the best. I downloaded even The great Gatsby. How cool is that. I love to hear some good titles to download. So what are you reading.

I really try not to look to much at the app market on my smartphone. It is so addicted. But you know I’m a woman I most of us like to shop. So I got two new apps this week.
First up is the app from the ANWB B&B. It is an app that finds B&B’s in the place where you are and the surrounding areas. I tried it and it is superb. It is quick and easy, with the basic info. The only downside I found was that, the ones I found didn’t have much photo’s.

Second app is Androidspeedmeter. It is indeed a speedmeter, but it also keeps track of the distant and average speed you do. It keeps track of the route you take and the stops you make. I use it to keep track of my average speed and routes with my bike. But I know people how use it on their motorcycles to keep track of their routes and send them to their friends.

Do you have a favorit App? Let me know!

No, this is not a post about food or eating outside. This is a post about an online photosoftware that I just discoverd.
I like taking pictures, an sometimes I just want to change the colours or size. I don’t do that very much because I didn’t had a simple program to do it with. Most photosoftware is so complicated and it takes forever to do on my little notebook.
Last week I just had enough of the struggle with the photosoftware on my notebook. I started a search on the net, and after a few very bad programs, I found Picnic. I love it! It is so easy and quick. I can do almost everything I want. I cropped pictures, made some colour adjustments, resized some pics. And the results are very nice. I even got my father hooked on the program. He likes its to, and he doesn’t reads English that well.

Some results:

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I had it on my to do list for a while. “Make your own QR code”. Last weekend I had a go at it. I tought it would be very complicated, but exactly it was very easy.

With a QR-generator you can easily make a QR code. I used Kaywa to make my own QR. It can be scanned by anyone with a webcam or smartphone. The QR links than direct to the text, url or SMS…

I used it to make a link with my resume that can be find online. Makes it easy to send your resume. I hope that they like it. I’m certainly going to use it more often.