No, this is not a post about food or eating outside. This is a post about an online photosoftware that I just discoverd.
I like taking pictures, an sometimes I just want to change the colours or size. I don’t do that very much because I didn’t had a simple program to do it with. Most photosoftware is so complicated and it takes forever to do on my little notebook.
Last week I just had enough of the struggle with the photosoftware on my notebook. I started a search on the net, and after a few very bad programs, I found Picnic. I love it! It is so easy and quick. I can do almost everything I want. I cropped pictures, made some colour adjustments, resized some pics. And the results are very nice. I even got my father hooked on the program. He likes its to, and he doesn’t reads English that well.

Some results:

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